Joshua Kuebler (AnNaHem)

Joshua Kuebler

aka AnNaHem


The oldest of thirteen siblings,
I was raised & homeschooled in Lancaster County, PA (USA).

Kundalini-activated & highly energy sensitive (HSP) my entire life,
I experienced much unexplained grief, pain & suffering,
until I began to understand and address the situation.

Medically-speaking, this manifested primarily as C-PTSD,
severe Fibromyalgia, and an underlying mitochondrial disorder.
All fall neatly into the category of 'invisible illnesses',
often met with misunderstanding & premature judgement.

I attempted to be a warrior monk for early in life,
faithfully practicing asceticism,
with occasional brief (& inevitable)
periods of counter-balancing excesses.
None of this helped my physical situation.
I now heartily embrace the stability of moderation
in Earthly pleasures & Divine Blessings.

After two USMC combat tours to Iraq as Arabic linguist,
and then careers in military intelligence & info security,
I turned to painting & writing in an effort to resolve
these intensifying emotional & physical health issues.

I finally found my own inner peace,
and enjoy sharing that with others.
I now share my gifts to increase the measure
of calm & tranquility in the world.

I found that I inadvertently activated Kundalini in others
for years without realizing, now I have control over this.
I am willing to assist (in person only) anyone who is
having a tough time with their Kundalini awakening process.

While mentoring, I hold space &
bring an objective heart to personal concerns.

Art Commissions

I only accept two commissions per month
for custom abstract oil paintings.

Please email me an example or idea of
an experience / emotion you'd like me to convey,
a spiritual / metaphysical intended purpose,
and/or your preferred color palette.

I typically work with high-quality oil paints
over oil-primed Belgian linen canvas panel,
and I am open to innovative & creative ideas.

Estimated Completion Time:
Approximately 3 - 6 months

Standard Sizing:
8" x 10"
11" x 14"
16" x 20"
18" x 24"

Customary Pricing:
$300 per linear inch
(framing & delivery inclusive)

50% deposit upfront + 50% on delivery

Email me
for further details or with any questions
(Please indicate if you were referred to me)

Light, Life & Love!